Monday, August 29, 2011

Caravaca : Murcia (Spain)

A recent study (see Maju's summary here : Basque autosomal genetics) has shown that Murcians may have been less subject to Neolithic migrations than their immedate neighbours such as Andalusians or Valencians, a fact corroborated by archeology. Consequently, I've decided to deal with Murcia once more, this time making more localized samples, in order to check whether or not Murcians really appear more Northern-looking in a South Iberian context, phenotypically wise. I'll begin that "remake" of Murcia in the NE of the province, around Caravaca de la Cruz.

  • Sample :

Full scale

  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 : Intermediate complexion (from blonde to dark hair, grey/black eyes, rather pale skin on average, ...), leptomorphic, long face (particularly on males), long and convex nose rather parallel to the face, close-set eyes, pointy chin, large jaw
~ Dinaricized Atlanto-Mediterranean

I cannot possibly say whether or not these individuals are strikingly more Northern-looking than their neighbouring counterparts. This type is rather pan-Iberian even though these individuals' relative robustness rather places them within the North-West Iberian spectrum as opposed to the East-Iberian pole (the famous "horsy" features).

A square-boxed variant - transition with Type 2 - can be found as well. After browsing other samples, I find that such types are somehow rarer in Andalusia. These people remind me of Aragonese people from Teruel. I cannot say for sure but the nose seems to be always convex.

- Type 2 :
Intermediate complexion (rather light hair, light eyes, ...), more or less brachymorphic, reduced and "puffy" features, square-box head, little and puffy nose, strong jaw, rather distanced and somehow chinky eyes
~ Alpino-Mediterranean

These people are somehow rather light though they could fit in Valencia or Andalusia albeit in rarer density. The puffy nose shape is rather commonly shared by all these people. I won't dare say these people corroborate the genetic results of the aforementioned study. We'll see later with more Murcian samples.

  • Final morphotypes :